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Why innovativTV by Mues-Tec is redefining Television.



Mues-Tec redefines Television. The innovativTV series by Mues-Tec was developed to meet strict safety requirements in the bathroom industry and surpass customers’ expectations on design and technology. Customers may choose amongst the standard waterproof Bathroom TV, the customizable Mirror TV and the high tech Smart Mirror Series to complement any size bathroom. Mues-Tec sets itself apart from others primarily by its own extremely high standards, using only quality material and technically mature innovations on principal, and is thus closing especially in the premium sector a noticeable gap. Whether your interest is focused on the freely configurable Mirror TV series, the Bathroom TV collection, our modern adaptable Kitchen TV series in refined stainless steel design, or our wide range selection of luxurious Frame TV offers. Especially in the highly customizable segment of our Mirror TV series, the customer obtains an absolute unique product. Mues-Tec offers the right product for everyone’s preference. For private us, commercial applications, in the hotel industry or the spa and healthcare industries. Mues-Tec innovativTV, on request with triple tuner for the hassle free reception of satellite, cable and terrestrial television, or solely as a monitor. The integrated CI slot ensures the reception of pay-tv channels in HD quality. HDMI in connection with an IR extension enables the control of external hidden devices. Convenient USB enabled PVR functions. The use as smart TV (Apple- Amazon- or Android-Box) is of no concern. All devices by Mues-Tec innovativTV boast a very strong and resistant glass surface. Our waterproof televisions are available with vibration speakers, built inside and completely enclosed and invisible, thus allowing for no dirt or moisture entering any holes or gaps (standard in the Bathroom / Kitchen TV series). The digital coaxial audio output enables the integration of various sound systems such as Sonos, Bose, etc. Powered by 12V DC up to 230V AC. Waterproof up until IP67. Safety where it belongs. Customizable installation methods leave nothing to desire.

Mues-Tec, synonym for luxury and quality.  

Mues-Tec, the products speaks for itself.