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Question & Answers

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What is the difference between the Bathroom TV series (Stainless Steel / Mirror) and the Mirror TV series?

The Bathroom TV series is generally in stock and ready to ship. With the exception of large-scale and custom orders. The Mirror TV on the other hand is always a custom order and thus unique.

Our Bathroom TV is available in two variations and three fixed sizes. It serves as a high-quality television for entertainment and informational use and not for applying makeup or styling. Generally, it’s place in the bathroom is across the bathtub or in the shower.  

Mirror TV. You decide the mirror size, the television size along with its positioning, and any built-in lighting. The Mirror TV is suitable for applying makeup and for styling and is used generally as a vanity mirror in the bathroom. The main function in this dual use Mirror-Television is the mirror itself and only secondary the television feature.


What is a triple tuner (DVB-T2,S2,C)

Generally, each Mues-Tec Bathroom / Kitchen / Frame TV, upon request our Mirror TV, is equipped with a so called triple tuner. This means you may receive all common TV signals. The purchase and placement of an exterior receiver becomes obsolete.

With DVB-T2 already up-to-date with the latest digital technology, using the antenna for HD quality reception.

DVB-S2, allows hassle free reception using a satellite system. Of course in digital to HD quality.

With DVB-C you connect your television to the services of your cable provider (analog / digital / or also in HD). 


Are Mues-Tec Bathroom TVs suitable in the sauna?  

Our waterproof and very durable televisions can be installed in any infrared sauna, minding local safety regulations. For a traditional infusion sauna however, the televisions are not suitable.


What is PVR?

With the ingenious PVR function in combination with an external hard drive or USB stick, you can record your favorite shows or movies or pause live television to resume watching at a later time.  


What is a CI-Slot?

This connectivity (fixed component with each triple tuner from Mues-Tec) allows the integration to a special module (CAM) which enables the reception of fee-based premium channels such as SKY, HD-Plus, Freenet TV, Unitymedia Premium, Kabeldeutschland Premium, etc. Further information can be obtained by your provider of choice.


What is the difference in the various glass choices?

Mues-Tec only uses superior glass from carefully selected suppliers for our mirrors.   


Mirror TV Series

The black glass guarantees optimal picture quality. In the off-modus, the TV unit is 100% invisible. Ideal use in the living area and for digital signage use.

The silver mirror glass, being very similar to the common bathroom mirror in its features and characteristics, allows for a realistic mirror image making it very suitable for the use in bathrooms. The TV unit vanishes 100% in its off-modus.

The crystal glass, comparable with a common mirror, impresses with its high reflection and guarantees a brilliant TV image. However, the TV unit is visible in its off-modus.


Bathroom TV Series

The Mirror is slightly tinted and thus not suited as a common mirror. The TV unit vanishes 100% in its off-modus.

The Bathroom TV in Stainless Steel finish has a transparent glass.


Kitchen TV Series

The Kitchen TV shares the characteristics of the Stainless Steel Bathroom TV.


Frame TV Series

This application uses solely a special glass, slightly tinted, warranting the optimal TV image.  



Can you install Bathroom TVs in the shower?

Yes. Each Bathroom TV from Mues-Tec can, considering local safety regulations, be installed inside the shower cabinet. Here, the TV needs to be flush-mounted with a silicone seal carefully applied. It is also important to note that the power supply should be kept outside a humid/wet environment. Installation should only be done by a skilled worker.  


What you should know when designing your Mirror TV

Above all, pay attention to the relevant technical safety regulations. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, Mues-Tec recommends diligent planning and review of all required electrical connections. For the best enjoyment of a Mirror TV avoid the direct sunlight on your mirror.


Which file formats are supported with the integrated USB port?  

You can use any common picture, music and video files. (JPG, TIF, MP3, MPEG2, AVI, MKV, etc.)


What is a vibration speaker?

The revolutionary vibration speakers from Mues-Tec are built-in, high quality audio units, protected completely from dust or water and humidity.