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Frame TV


innovativTV by Mues-Tec. Create your unique Frame TV.

The perfect combination of excellent glass and a premium frame in various styles and selections, bound to meet anyone’s taste. Paired with our proven technology, this luxurious elegant product, also available frameless, makes any room stand out! When in the off position, the television unit is not visible and the entire specialty “Ghost-Diamond” glass panel transforms itself into a mirror. Our frame selection ranges from simply elegant to classic creative and magnificent posh. Guaranteed to satisfy your requirements. There are no limits to your personal taste and desires. Mues-Tec is committed to make proven technology stand out and shine. Available in two sizes, 43” and 55” diagonal screen size, the base price (without frame) including VAT are €2,999 and €3,499 respectively.





Various Applications

Our premium Television Frame-TV series not only compliments your personal interior design ambiance, it is also very well suited for representative purposes. For example, individual furnished offices, physicians’ offices, waiting rooms, stylish foyers of the hotel and restaurant industry, as well as countless other locations, privately and in the commercial sector.





Glass characteristics

Mues-Tec only processes the finest, most exquisite glass found in the high-end premium glass segment which ensures the valuable product character. A particularly high transmission warrants the perfect TV picture. The Mues-Tec Frame TV mimics a regular mirror in its off position. This high-end specialty glass is durable and easy to clean.




TV- Sizes

innovativTV by Mues-Tec offers quality main brand technology. Generally equipped with a built-in triple tuner (DVB-T2/C/S2), Frame TV is available in the diagonal screen sizes of 32inch (special order), 43inch and 55inch. For more detailed technical information, please review our datasheets.




Smart TV

Optimize your infinite TV and Internet pleasure by connecting a media box (set top box) such as Apple-TV, Android-TV or Amazon-TV.





A comprehensive and easy to understand installation instruction manual accompanies every order. You may attach Frame TV made by Mues-Tec with a pivot arm (VESA), allowing you to perfectly focus the TV image to your needs and adjust it to possible bright daylight influences. Alternatively, you may attach it directly to the wall for a more static mount.




Worldwide Delivery

Germany & European Union

Always insured and with tracking number shipped directly from Germany.

Switzerland & International

We ship worldwide. Local customs charges may apply. Please check with your local customs offices.

Always insured and with tracking number.




The large selection of our frame choices, provided by a European manufacturer, offer designs in simply elegant to classic creative and magnificent posh, leaving nothing to be desired. Those who prefer a more simplistic look and clear lines and edges will find an array of choices just like those who prefer the posh and playful designs. innovativTV by Mues-Tec easily compliments your personal style and ambience and bestows every room a great deal of attention.


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