Bathroom TV Stainless Steel Series. 18.5"/47cm

Bathroom TV Stainless Steel Series. 18.5"/47cm

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Stainless Steel Series
The Stainless Steel Series truly sets itself apart through its timeless yet elegant design. It immediately becomes the focal point of every bathroom. Built-in vibration speakers provide excellent sound and ensure bathroom fun all around.

Quality matters
Mues-Tec products combine reliably technology with innovative additional features. All products adhere to strict German quality control standards.
Mues-Tec is the cornerstone of innovation.
Mues-Tec televisions are waterproof, operate safely on 12 Volt DC and are protected by high-grade glass. No need to buy and use specialty cleaners, just wipe down with any common bathroom detergent. Quality assured with thorough testing of all our components and of course a 2-year warranty. 

Safety first!
Mues-Tec Televisions are invented especially for the bathroom and wet area. Ideal for use in the bathroom, shower, kitchen, or pool area. Safe to use around high temperature, steam, humidity, water, and dust. Rated IP65, Mues-Tec televisions are safe all around! For more information regarding IP ratings, please visit this table:

Mues-Tec, a MUST-HAVE when safety matters! 
Mues-Tec: Synonym for easy installation
Recessed Mount/Surface Mount/VESA Mount………….anything is possible.

Mues-Tec warrants an easy and hassle-free installation. Mues-Tec televisions fit any of your requirements.

Recessed: Simply secure the wall box in the prepared wall space and fasten the TV inside. 

Surface: Attach the wall box to the desired area on your wall and fasten the TV inside.

VESA: Pre-drilled holes on the TV unit make allows for VESA mount size 200 x 200.

Mues-Tec. Much more than just a television
Mues-Tec products include a built-in triple tuner for convenient Satellite, Cable and Antenna TV. Also included is a CI slot for the use of premium cards.

Mues-Tec stands for information, fun and entertainment. Endless possibilities and applications. Easily integrate external devices with a wide selection of inputs & outputs. Accessories such as Android or Apple TV convert your television in a Smart TV, allowing you to access the internet and download apps of all kind. Digital Audio-Out further allows you to connect to your Home Sound System.

Mues-Tec. A MUST-HAVE technology wizard!

Clear advantages of innovativTV compared to other brands.
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